Why are Clear Audit Trails Key for Business Decision Making?

Audit Trail

The word ‘audit’ is first associated with a paper documentation request,  to be reviewed, and analysed by the audit department on an ongoing basis or in case of fraud or abnormal activities. Now, most organisations are reliant on digital strategy audits. Essentially, these are linked directly to software, IT infrastructure, actions on data in an […]

Data Transparency Strategy: the case for it and the benefits to business

Data transparency

Open data strategy has been a growing movement in recent years. Although many firms have adopted this strategy, there is still yet increasing demand for transparency. Data transparency is most commonly associated as an expectation on a government, especially relating to the information they hold on citizens, policies, spending and other matters. The reasoning for […]

The foundations of good customer relationship management in claims transformation

Sonas Claims transformation

It is no surprise that many firms have made substantial investments in claims transformation initiatives. Innovative businesses are adding increased quality of the customer experience to the top of their list of priorities. Market leaders have come to understand that exceptional customer experiences translate to true customer-centricity, facilitating differentiation based on the stability and strength […]

Can Improved Management of Exceptions Reduce Overheads and Facilitate Data-Driven Decisions?

exception management

Sonas understands that identifying and solving exceptions are crucial to validate and maximise cash flow. Exceptions often stem from errors surrounding individual transactions. It is common for the root cause to be unknown. If a thorough audit trail exists and has been documented through the initial process, exceptions are easily identified and investigations are effortless […]

Spreadsheets Are Outdated In The Age Of Big Data

Sonas Systems

Microsoft Excel has become ubiquitous with data management and financial forecasting. Today, with its usage on nearly every PC, Excel spreadsheets has been a key part of business decision-making, delivering statistical analysis and estimation tools. Spreadsheets have become so universal that they have found their way into an extensive variety of applications including complex modelling, […]