Cash Reconciliation

The Issue At Hand

Reliance on paper and spreadsheet driven processes result in data gaps, the inability to compare data files and a lack of transparency.

Is your business suffering?

SONAS Ensures Machine Level Accuracy

We understand the struggle to reconcile cash from your devices, such as ATMs, CDMs and Retail Technology Devices. That is why through our Cash Reconciliation, you can enjoy real-time automated validation of your cash journey, providing complete transparency and detailed reporting and analytics. Your entire cash cycle is recorded, allowing exceptions to be easily identified, investigated and resolved.

ATM, CDM and Retail Credit Reconciliation

Monitor your entire cash cycle at a device level and identify any exceptions and unusual activity.

  • Capture cash load, device data and physical cash in real-time
  • Capture source documentation and compare with host data
  • Total visualisation of the cash cycle
  • Configurable email alerts in the event of an identified exception

Bulk Cash Reconciliation

Track individual cash collections into an aggregated ‘bulk cash’ position, subsequent banking or client handover.

  • Validate your physical cash against deposited amounts
  • Two-way reconciliation between amount deposited and bank statement

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