Data Capturing

Issues you could currently be facing

Existing operation and reconciliation processes completed on spreadsheets or disconnected systems often lead to data gaps and unrecorded source documentation, leading to inadequate, inaccurate, and unsupported investigations of exceptions. Not only this, but it makes it very difficult to amalgamate data for analytics.  

Start at the source…

Capture source documentation of cash collections right at the point of entry, providing complete transparency. Documents, such as the audit ticket, are utilised in our Reconciliation and Exceptions Modules for review and investigation. This data is extracted into our real-time reporting and analytics module.

SONAS Data Capture Methods

Mobile Capture

Using OCR and cloud-based technology, simply take a photo of a document on our mobile application and the data will be automatically read and instantly logged onto our web system. This source documentation can be used to support reviews and communications.

Data Import

High volumes of data can be captured, imported, and uploaded using a direct API interface to streamline the import process. Our system further performs validation checks against formatting errors, missing data, and the duplication of entries.

Web and Mobile Manual Entry

Input data manually by entering the machine ID, date, and time, and the system will automatically populate related fields such as location, customer, branch, and capture cycle. All that remains is to enter the core data from the receipt.

Document Upload

Capture additional documents and images, including comments or remarks where necessary to enhance communication channels both internally and with third-parties.