SONAS Exception Management

Key Benefits

  • Automatically generated

  • Notifications icons for easy alerts

  • Flexible and dynamic investigation
  • Transferable application of resolution from once closed items to other ongoing items

  • Ability to aid individual investigation steps through direct source documentation uploads

  • The ability to edit, add, remove, or close at specific steps

SONAS Provides Easy Exceptions Handling

Enjoy integrated source documentation and improved exception handling efficiency with our exceptions management module. We can help you increase the flow of communication, enable electronic sign off, give you easy access to source documentation to aid investigation, and provide alerts to the relevant parties when there are updates.

The Issue At Hand

Exceptions Management can prove to be incredibly resource-intensive and wasteful of time. Multiple workstreams, paper-based systems, spreadsheets, and incomplete audit trails can create a range of issues that cause the inability to accurately record, track, investigate, and resolve exceptions and claims. 

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Investigations Made Simple

Sonas Exceptions Management provides end-to-end functionality through initiation, investigation, review, approval, and closure to meet business needs.

Informative dashboard that provides details regarding the exception such as status, summary, and resolution.

SONAS Modular Approach

Sonas Exception Management is a proactive tool to resolve claims which can simply be integrated into the claims module for quick resolution for more information click on the Claims Management module below.

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Digital Reconciliation

Automatically validate your cash cycle


Data Capturing

Capture Audit Receipt in Real-times

Overall Reconciliation

Holistic overview of cash and digital revenue

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Exceptions Management

Accurate and quick investigations and resolutions

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Transactional Reconciliation

Reconcile all your digital revenue

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Powerful visual real-time analytics

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Cash Reconciliation

Full transparency with our cash reconciliation which compares the physical cash collected against the audit receipt and host data.

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Transactional Reconciliation

Automate the Matching off process of high volumes of data from all digital payment methods.

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Device Overview

Collective overview of cash and digital revenue for any selection period of time. 

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