Overall Reconciliation

Key Benefits

  • Reconcile data in any format

  • Access real-time analytics

  • Meet regulatory requirements

  • Fully scalable to support company expansion

  • Available onsite or in the cloud

  • Eliminate error-prone manual processes

  • Demonstrate comprehensive audit trails

  • All-in-one software

  • Cash and digital revenue reconciliation

SONAS Lets You See The Whole Picture


Gain a transparent and holistic overview of your individual parking devices, with a reconciled and valuable overview of your combined digital and cash transactions in real-time.  

Experience a new level of transparency, allowing you to make timely, informed, strategic, and operational business decisions.

The Issue At Hand

The presence of both cash-based and digital revenue creates a number of difficulties when reconciling Parking Devices. Most typically, the two reconciliations are carried out separately. This method often fails to achieve a comprehensive final position of your devices. Therefore, there is no holistic overview of the individual device’s combined balance.

overall recon

Complete Transparancy

Experience transparency like never before that allows you to make timely, informed, strategic business decisions. Real-time data facilitates combine reconciled balances of your cash and digital transactions on one screen 

  • Achieve additional financial controls to aid your reconciled digital and cash positions
  • Utilise a clear and efficient workflow with easy navigation that facilitates quick drill down functionality to access finer detail within the data
  • Total visualisation of the cash cycle

  • Configurable email alerts in the event of an identified exception

SONAS Modular Approach

Sonas Overall Reconciliation provides full device transparency,  it provides data which can be integrated into the exception identification and resolution, please click on our Exceptions Management for more information. 

cash reconciliation

Digital Reconciliation

Automatically validate your cash cycle


Data Capturing

Capture Audit Receipt in Real-times

Overall Reconciliation

Holistic overview of cash and digital revenue

Exceptions Management emblem infographic

Exceptions Management

Accurate and quick investigations and resolutions

Digital reconciliation emblem

Transactional Reconciliation

Reconcile all your digital revenue

Reporting emblem


Powerful visual real-time analytics

cash tick

Cash Reconciliation

Full transparency with our cash reconciliation which compares the physical cash collected against the audit receipt and host data.

green tick recon emblem

Transactional Reconciliation

Automate the Matching off process of high volumes of data from all digital payment methods.

Light Blue Parking Icon on White Background

Device Overview

Collective overview of cash and digital revenue for any selection period of time. 

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