SONAS Reporting & Analytics

Reporting Features

  • Various reporting dashboards for operations, exceptions, claims, KPI’s and more

  • Reporting export facilities to support stakeholder communication, exporting into excel format

  • Drill-down facility to easily identify any areas of concern, and identify the root-cause of any exceptions

  • Visual graphs, pie charts, geographical location and tabular reporting

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Increase Revenue Opportunities

Business Analysis Icons Set

Increase Compliance & Enhance Operations

Business analytics icon chart in orange, blue, yellow and grey

Manage KPI's

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Improve Stakeholder Communication

Make Data-Driven Decisions With SONAS

Our reconciliation solution transforms the immense volume of data collected by our system into powerful visual analytics. Our reporting is value-driven and offers increased data-based decision-making capabilities and revenue opportunities.  Now, you can enhance the operation of your parking estate and the management of your KPIs to achieve greater business success.

It can be incredibly difficult to measure your business performance accurately if you have disparate reporting systems. Data gaps, a lack of amalgamated data, and the inability to provide real-time analytics are only some of the issues that arise from using multiple workstreams or platforms.

Reconciliation solutions: Man using laptop to access Sonas modules

SONAS Powerful Real-time Analytics

Improve business performance with powerful real-time analytics, using trend analysis and detailed reporting insights provided by Sonas.

Sonas provides multiple reporting dashboards, with reports on business operations, exceptions, claims and device overview. 

SONAS Modular Approach

Sonas Integrates all the data from the modular approach and tuns it into powerful analytics that can be used to drive efficiency and productivity.  

cash reconciliation

Digital Reconciliation

Automatically validate your cash cycle


Data Capturing

Capture Audit Receipt in Real-times

Overall Reconciliation

Holistic overview of cash and digital revenue

Exceptions Management emblem infographic

Exceptions Management

Accurate and quick investigations and resolutions

Digital reconciliation emblem

Transactional Reconciliation

Reconcile all your digital revenue

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Powerful visual real-time analytics

cash tick

Cash Reconciliation

Full transparency with our cash reconciliation which compares the physical cash collected against the audit receipt and host data.

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Transactional Reconciliation

Automate the Matching off process of high volumes of data from all digital payment methods.

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Device Overview

Collective overview of cash and digital revenue for any selection period of time. 

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