API Breakdown: What is an Application Programming Interface?

API Breakdown: People working together planning out their API intentions

  API (Application Programming Interface) Breakdown: An API is an application programming interface, briefly described as a software middleman that allows two applications to communicate with one another. Every time you use an app such as Facebook, Weather Apps and Instant Messengers, you’ll most likely be using an API. The function of an API is […]

Building an API: What are the Organisational Benefits to Consider?

API Breakdown: People working together planning out their API intentions

Overview Benefits of Building API’s An API is a set of programming instructions, protocols and tools that allow computers to communicate and share data. In simple terms, an API is a tool that will enable you to extract data and use it in a different manner. The potential for developing an API business is limitless, […]

White Label ATMs in Modern Banking

A White Label ATM, devoid of specific bank branding, stands against a neutral backdrop, representing accessibility and convenience in modern banking.

What are White Label ATMs? A white label ATM provides accessibility and convenience, especially in underserved and remote areas of banking and finance today. White Label ATMs lack bank branding, featuring a neutral design for universal recognition, unlike bank-owned ATMs. The term “white labelled” highlights their independence and accessibility due to the absence of bank […]

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ATM Cash Management & Reconciliation Solution

Cash Management Reconciliation Eliminate time-consuming, resource-heavy reconciliations and choose one ATM cash management software to manage end-to-end cash operations for CIT, Cash Management, Financial Institutions, and banks. Download Brochure TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR CASH OPERATIONS A seamless workflow to reconcile, balance and manage all your circulating cash in one location. Have the highest accuracy andconfidence […]


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Parking Reconciliation & Reporting Solution

Parking Revenue Management Have confidence in your parking finances. All revenue data is validated and consolidated on one parking revenue management platform. Download Brochure TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR PARKING REVENUE Management A seamless workflow to reconcile and consolidate parking revenues in one location. Have the highest accuracy and confidence in your financial close and greater […]


SIMPLIFYING RECONCILIATION, SAVING RESOURCES Control all your financial data with one automated reconciliation solution. Reconcile balances faster with accuracy, and capitalise on analytics to improve performance. Request a Demo MAKE THE SWITCH TO A MODERN RECONCILIATION Solution Eliminate spreadsheet-driven reconciliation, unlock untapped efficiency, and catapult your organisation into a digitally-centric market leader. Cash Management Automate […]

Benefit of Automation in the Reconciliation Industry?

A benefit of automation linked in post picture, hand holding floating automation symbol.

Impact of Automation?  What is the overall benefit of automation? Has it really revolutionised the reconciliation industry? The answer is yes, and in a number of ways. The use of automated systems has significantly improved the efficiency, accuracy, and security of the reconciliation process, leading to many benefits for businesses.   Outdated Manual Processes Manual […]

Growth of Retail Credit in the Retail Sector

Dollar notes inside a retail credit cash till

What is a Retail Credit Machine? As technology continues to evolve and advance, the use of retail credit machines in the cash management sector has significantly increased in recent years. The main goal is to simplify the cash handling process for the retailer.  These machines offer a convenient and secure way for retailers to process […]