A benefit of automation linked in post picture, hand holding floating automation symbol.

Impact of Automation?  What is the overall benefit of automation? Has it really revolutionised the reconciliation industry? The answer is yes, and in a number

Dollar notes inside a retail credit cash till

What is a Retail Credit Machine? As technology continues to evolve and advance, the use of retail credit machines in the cash management sector has

Data residency laws: hand holding up cloud

Understanding Data Residency Laws With the rapid increase in tech involvement in everyday life, new regulations and laws are now in place. Data Residency laws

Two women discussing Gender Diversity in the Workplace and the parking industry.

Gender Diversity Lack of gender diversity in the workplace is an ongoing problem where women are facing several challenges and issues. From the outside, the

Is a multivendor infrastructure the future of the parking industry? Over reliance on one parking solutions can be damaging if issues arise

What Happens if we Over-Rely on One Parking Solution   Worcester council recently found themselves in the spotlight after an estimated 1500 customers had their

Young business man in black suit checks smart phone for cash management solutions

  Mobile Apps and Cash Management Solutions As a small business owner, it’s vital that you actively manage your cash flow. In most cases, cash

Future of cash

What is the future of cash in this increasingly digital world?   At the Asia Cash Cycle Seminar 2022, the future of cash was a

Reconciliation solutions: Man using laptop to access Sonas modules

  Our Modular Approach Sonas’ reconciliation solutions create a streamlined workflow on a single platform to track and verify both digital and cash transactions. Sonas

Cash control procedures and their importance, 5 stacked rows of coins

  Cash Control Process   Cash Control Process used in Sonas: The Sonas System is a unique cloud-based reconciliation software solution tailored to self-service terminals.