Cash Management Reconciliation

Eliminate time-consuming, resource-heavy reconciliations and choose one ATM cash management software to manage end-to-end cash operations for CIT, Cash Management, Financial Institutions, and banks.

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A seamless workflow to reconcile, balance and manage all your circulating cash in one location. Have the highest accuracy and
confidence in your financial positions and greater flexibility with cloud-based software you can access anywhere.

ATM machine & ATM Cash Reconciliation

Device Reconciliation Faster than Ever Before

Automating the capture of key data points (e.g. ATM receipts, switch, counter receipts, physical cash, etc.) enables immediate, thorough and accurate reconciliation in real-time. Save time, cost, and effort required for current unsustainable processes.

  • Reconcile ATMs, CDMs, CRMs, and Retail Credit Machines, no matter their complexity
  • Controls and configurations that cater to any operational model

Strengthen Customer Relationships with Automated Client-Specific Reports

Unlock first-class customer service by removing the time taken to build customer reports. Instead, access automatic client-tailored reports and deliver them to customers in record time.

  • Format, branding and contents configurable to match customer needs
  • Accessible on the system in lei with reconciliations
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Greater Control with Global Balancing of All Cash in Circulation

Gain a clear oversight through global cash balancing, and pinpoint where your entire cash in circulation is at any given time. 

  • ‘Vault Management’ displays real-time data of cash movements between departments (vault, ATM processing team, replenishment crews, etc.) and identifies inconsistencies and exceptions.
  • Access real-time data to monitor your global company cash position for auditing.
  • Automated cash allocation for ATMs.

Unparalleled Management of Exceptions & Claims

Eliminate unnecessary expenses in exceptions and claims, and manage them through one seamless workflow. Have the evidence at your fingertips to accurately and rapidly resolve.

  • Configurable investigation steps
  • Internal and third-party portals for communication
  • Exception ↔ Claim resolution integration to avoid duplication of work
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Parking Desktop Analytics

Improved Performance with Reporting & Analytics

Gain insights like never before. Your team no longer need to spend hours building reports. With Sonas, you can view automated reporting and analytics across your entire cash operations.

  • Pinpoint high-performing and low-performing areas
  • Identify the root cause of issues
  • Customisable reports
  • Visual graphs for stakeholder engagement


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Take action on the valuable insights identified in your reports (e.g. Tabular reports of ATM optimisation & ranking)

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Reduced workload. Increased productivity through automation. Seamless workflow connecting departments and third parties.

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Resolve ‘missing’ revenue. Increase productivity through automation. Take action on poor performance identified in detailed reports.


No business is the same, which is why ‘out of the box’ solutions often fail. A modular approach allows tailored ATM cash management software to integrate seamlessly into your unique processes.

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Capture a Complete Audit Trai
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Automatic Device Reconciliation
Device Reconciliation
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Manage All Cash in Circulation
Cash Balancing and Holdings
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Reconcile Unlimited Data Volumes
Transactional Reconciliation
Investigate Exceptions with Source Documentation
Exceptions Management
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Resolve Claims Quickly & Limit Payouts
Claims Management
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Improve Performance with Real-Time Analytics

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Our experienced advisors analyse your current operations, offer free consulting, and build a customised cash management solution to suit your organisation’s practices and resources.

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