International Women’s Day: Celebrating Women in Parking

women in parking laughing together at work in business attire

Women in Parking

All movements for women, no matter how big or small, help with the success of eradicating gender stereotypes. The parking industry, a sector that has always been male-dominated, is slowly breaking through gender stereotypes. Therefore, it is important to thank the Women In Parking movement for its efforts to smash these stereotypes. It is also important to celebrate the people who actively make a change to the industry and help inspire others to do so too.

Everyone has a role in ensuring the sector is more inclusive and diverse. From parking suppliers and operators to parking technology providers, we see little representation of women in senior positions within these areas. However, it is essential to note that there are efforts in the industry to help women progress and give them the deserved recognition and platform that the industry needs, but these areas need to start making gender diversity a top priority to see more progression.


International Women’s Day

International Women’s day was marked for the first time by the UN back in 1975 – 48 years later; we continue to celebrate the day and recognise the achievements made by women worldwide. It is not just a day of celebration, though, but a day to remember women’s social, political and economic achievements. A day to fight against discrimination and stand up against gender bias, a day to recognise the violence against women and a day to help the movement eradicate gender stereotypes globally.


BPA & the Women in Parking

One of the leading groups in the UK is the British Parking Association (BPA), which aims to actively promote, represent and raise women’s profile in the UK parking sector. Founded in September 2020, its main effort is to ensure diversity and inclusivity within the industry and encourage women within the parking community. Another group, formed by the National Parking Association, was founded in 2011 and is dedicated to promoting the advancement and achievement of professional women within the industry. Membership for this association grows yearly, allowing women to network, attend webinars and join a mentorship programme. Both these groups actively encourage and celebrate women throughout the industry.


What Happened Last Year?

Each year the BPA focus on a specific issue to help tackle. In 2022, their theme was diversity within the BPA Membership and the Parking Sector. As part of this, for International Women’s Day in 2022, their goal was to “Celebrate Women’s Achievements, Smash Stereotypes, and Challenge Bias”. They have done this by sharing blogs and stories about the inspiring women across the BPA and shared photos of the team doing the cross-arm pose. This was a photo challenge with the hashtag #BreakTheBias to show support for women. Their 2023 theme will be ‘Gender and Active Travel’, where they will look at what they can do to ensure UK cities reflect the diversity of needs.


Jade Neville

Furthermore, from this, the BPA women in parking group celebrate the successes of women across the industry to encourage more women to join openly. Some of the key women in the BPA who have shared some of their most outstanding achievements include Jade Neville, the president of the BPA who co-founded their women in parking group.  Jade has formed a career over 15 years. She is a great role model for many women within the industry who aspire to advance their careers. She, among many other women in the industry, is a clear example of smashing gender stereotypes and leading the way for the future of women in the industry.

These groups have elevated women’s profiles within the industry and encouraged women to take on more senior roles. This is the type of representation the industry needs to inspire other women to join and make the industry more diverse and inclusive. It is also important to mention the male participation in these groups who advocate for women in the industry and support us. Creating a diverse workplace needs the effort of everyone to help implement the change and drive the industry forward to being inclusive.


Final Thoughts on Women in Parking

Thus, we must celebrate these groups and women within the parking sector this International Women’s Day and continue celebrating future successes. The industry is on its way to smashing gender stereotypes. With the help of these groups, they have elevated women’s profiles within the industry and encouraged women to take on more senior roles. So, this is the type of representation the industry needs to inspire other women to join and make the industry more diverse and inclusive.