Cash Management Trends and Challenges in 2022

Cash Management Trends and Challenges

In 2022, we are experiencing a unique set of challenges within the Cash Management industry. Across the world, we have all been battling to recover after the global pandemic. With concerns to public health, countries introduced restrictions to limit interactions. Therefore, customer behaviour shifted, changing the landscape of Cash Management. We have needed to adapt […]

The Importance of Internal Controls Over Cash Management

Internal Controls Over Cash Management

Traditionally one of the most significant challenges facing the Cash Management industry has been managing threats to the physical security of funds, establishing the need for internal controls over cash management. The industry continues to meet the increasing demands of improved processing, efficiency and value for money. Nevertheless, Cash Service Providers (CSPs) face the continuous […]

ATM Data Reconciliation Solution

Sonas Systems ATM Cash Management Software Reconciliation Sonas Data Reconciliation

All-In-One ATM Cash Management Reconciliation Software Key Benefits Reconcile data in any format Access real-time analytics Meet regulatory requirements Fully scalable to support company expansion Available onsite or in the cloud Eliminate error-prone manual processes Demonstrate comprehensive audit trails All-in-one software Achieve accurate visual reporting Transparent Data Sonas ATM cash management software allows cash balances […]

Automated Reconciliation in Accounting – Should You?

Automated Reconciliation

  It is no secret that over the past two decades, the evolution of digital transformation has impacted businesses far and wide. If you do not keep up, you may be left behind. Automation and digitalisation go hand-in-hand, making typical manual tasks easier and faster. It is vital to move with the market to remain competitive. […]

Can Improved Management of Exceptions Reduce Overheads and Facilitate Data-Driven Decisions?

exception management

Sonas understands that identifying and solving exceptions are crucial to validate and maximise cash flow. Exceptions often stem from errors surrounding individual transactions. It is common for the root cause to be unknown. If a thorough audit trail exists and has been documented through the initial process, exceptions are easily identified and investigations are effortless […]